My goal is to challenge the design, luxury, function, and value of today’s furniture.
— J. Bea
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Named after her grandmother Beatrice Joan, Joanna Beatrice is the creator of Bea Furnishings. 

Joanna received a B.S. in Interior Design from San Francisco State University. After graduation, she explored different trades in an effort to learn and practice skilled labor; eventually stumbling upon upholstery.

Joanna discovered her love for the trade, and relocated to High Point, North Carolina, where she completed an upholstery certification program.  While in High Point, Joanna also worked for Stickley which allowed her to gain an early understanding for high end furniture and precision. During her time at the Stickley factory, Joanna established her dream of someday producing her own furniture line. Her desire to absorb the ins and outs of upholstery led her to New York City and Denver, Colorado.

It was Joanna’s determination to learn both upholstery of new construction as well old methodolgy. From bare frame assembly, to antique restoration, she has exposed herself to different upholstery procedures to enhance her skill-set and knowledge. 

Joanna is making progress towards launching her own furniture line with the opening of Bea Furnishings in November 2017, in Santa Barbara, CA.

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