[bee fur-ni-shings]

Upholstery and Furniture Design

Founded upon the pillars of expertise, passion, and enthusiasm, Bea Furnishings provides reupholstery services for furniture of all ages, as well as custom designs. 

Bea Furnishings takes pride in precision and quality, as well as proper execution of traditional techniques with considerable artistic flair.



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The Future of Bea Furnishings

Though the future of Bea Furnishings is in the making, the core values and concepts which exist now, will continue to transcend. 

Bea Furnishings’ custom line will aim to inspire, provoke, and elicit awe. Bea designs and concepts will transform the way we look at furniture and fuse function with art.

The goal of Bea Furnishings’ innovative creations, will uproot the norm and introduce a fresh, unexpected appreciation for furniture and interior essentials.


Coming Soon


One-off furniture will be available for purchase such as upcycled and reclaimed pieces, hybrids featuring varying materials and mediums, one of a kind furniture, and more. 

Check Out Some of Bea's Work

It’s plain to see Joanna is fueled by her passion and experiences, which will undoubtably set her designs and creativity apart from the rest.
— Jonathan Moore

Though my grandmother’s sofa had sentimental value to me and my family, it was aged and seemingly outdated. After Bea’s tending, it’s now a fun, conversation piece with a whole new appreciation and life.
— Suzanne Mieks